40-Year-Old Vince Carter Hits Half-Court Shot, Throws Down 360 Dunk, Continues to Defy Father Time

Vince Carter continues to not let his age define him.

Any time Vince Carter's name is mentioned these days, his age is usually attached to it—not out of disrespect, but because we're all in awe of the things the man is still doing at age 40 and in his 19th NBA season. Last night, Carter again proved that despite the date on his birth certificate, his body is still a teenager at heart.

Messing around during pregame warmups, Carter drained a half-court shot on his first try, then immediately ran to the hoop to throw down a 360º dunk like he was a young Vinsanity during his days as a Toronto Raptor. The man's athleticism hasn't gone anywhere, and though he may not break out dunks like this as often as he once did, simply having the ability to do it 19 seasons later is fairly mind-blowing.

Carter is also out here intercepting full-court outlet passes like he's Ed Reed. It's been a joy to watch Carter continue to thrive so late in his career. Here's hoping the highlights never stop.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock