Turkey Bowl Plays: The 48 Sweep Potato

Add the 48 Sweep Potato to your playbook for your Turkey Bowl, and take advantage of one of the simplest yet most effective plays in the game of football.

Turkey Bowl Plays: 48 Sweep Potato

Nearly every NFL team has an outside zone run play in its playbook. This type of play has a simple premise for the offense: "If we do our job better than the defense does theirs, we will gain substantial yardage." The 48 Sweep Potato is a meat and potatoes running play. Add it to your attack during this year's Turkey Bowl and take advantage of one of the simplest and most effective plays in the game of football.

To run the play, line up your two receivers to the right of your center. Position your running back to the left of your QB in the shotgun formation. When the ball is snapped, the center and two receivers (playing guard and tackle) explode off the ball to seal the defense to the inside. As they head downfield, they widen out to the sideline to get outside leverage on the defense—i.e., each blocker blocks the outside half of a defender to turn him in toward the middle of the field. If no defender pops up immediately in front of a blocker, the blocker continues downfield to block at the second level of the defense. It is a cardinal sin to stop in the hole and wait for a defender to present himself. Always move forward!

The RB should gain depth as he runs laterally to the right and takes a handoff from the QB. He continues running to the outside, making sure to be patient with the play. As he tempos his speed, he looks for an opening between or to the outside of his blockers. Once he sees it, he makes his decision and turns on the afterburners to get upfield as fast as possible.

Cutting back is not recommended on this play. It can result in the RB running directly to where his blockers are trying to push the defenders.

Use the 48 Sweep Potato to overpower the defense on first down and in short-yardage situations. It's best to run the play to the wide side of the field.

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