5 Landmine Exercises That Strengthen Your Entire Body

STACK Expert John Papp offers 5 landmine exercises that engage every major muscle group in your body.

What exactly are landmine exercises? For starters, they're some of the best moves you can do to build serious strength.

You've probably seen the landmine setup in your gym. Some gyms have specific attachments into which one end of a barbell fits. In other gyms, the barbell may be anchored in a corner. In either case, weight is added to the non-anchored end of the bar.

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If you think the only thing you can do with this is T-Bar Rows, think again.

Below are 5 exercises that use the landmine setup to engage all your major muscle groups. If you have an attachment, use it. If not, just put the bar in the corner or anchor it in a squat rack and get to work.

Watch the above video for demonstrations of all exercises.

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1. Squat & Press

  • Hold the bar at chest level with your elbows tucked. Step your feet back slightly so you have a slight forward lean.
  • Initiate the Squat by pushing your hips back. If you don't squat correctly, you won't be able to do this movement.
  • The arc of the landmine bar path will force you to squat correctly. It may feel awkward at first.
  • On the way up, press the bar straight up with both arms.
  • You have two options: Use your lower body and press on your way up, or come to a dead stop and strict press the bar up.

2. Single-Leg Deadlift

  • Stand next to the bar so it is at your side. Pick it up and stand straight up. The end of the bar should be just in front of your thigh on the inside leg.
  • Bend the knee of your outside leg slightly and lift your inside foot off the ground.
  • Hinging at the hip, lower the bar to the ground and bring your back leg up in the air until the plate on the bar taps the ground.
  • Return to the top by reversing the motion and flexing your glutes as hard as possible.
  • Remember: As the weight goes down, your back leg comes up.

3. Standing Rotations

  • Press the bar with two arms until they are completely extended.
  • Keeping your hips pointed straight ahead, rotate the bar down to your hip pocket.
  • Return to the top and repeat on the other side.
  • Again, refer to the video for a visual demonstration.

4. One-Arm Row

  • Stand next to the bar as you did or the Single-Leg Deadlift.
  • Stagger your stance so your inside leg is farther back and your outside leg is in line with the end of the bar.
  • Bend your knees, hinge at the hip, and rest your outside elbow on your outside thigh.
  • Reach down with your inside hand and grab the end of the bar. Next, row the bar to your chest with your elbow tight to the side and return it back to the ground.
  • Keep your body in the same position throughout the whole row, only using your upper body to pull the bar up.

5. One-Arm Floor Press

  • Lie down perpendicular to the bar. The weighted end of the bar should be outside your pec muscle.
  • Grab the end of the bar. With your elbow tucked to the side, press the bar up.
  • When you descend, slow down to prevent your elbow from slamming into the ground.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock