15 of The Most Painful Intentional Groin Shots In Sports History

Sometimes, frustration boils over. But that's no excuse to go below the belt.

Barboza vs. Felder('s Groin)

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Barboza vs. Felder(\'s Groin)

Has anyone ever taken a harder low blow in MMA than Paul Felder did against Edson Barboza at UFC on Fox 16? #BallsofSteel pic.twitter.com/PnlKoxBZNP

— The MMA Bible (@TheMMABible) October 4, 2017


Hidden benefit of the spinning back kick: you can claim any shot that lands in the groin was "unintentional".

Edson Barboza caught Paul Felder's right in his Irish potatoes on this brutal shot.

That'll knock the wind out of ya.

Barboza went on to win the fight by decision, but props to Felder for even being able to continue.

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