51-Year Old Scottie Pippen Looks Like He Can Still Play in the NBA

Scottie Pippen is still lean and mean, even at 51 years old.

Scottie Pippen might be 51 years old, but the six-time NBA Champion can still get after it in the gym.

Earlier this morning, Pippen posted a pair of training videos on his social media accounts. The first video shows him performing Cable Push-Pulls, an exercise that works upper-body and core strength. "Ready for a 10-day contract," Pippen writes in the caption.

The second video shows Pippen performing Cable Flys, an exercise that targets the chest:

"Memories of the Breakfast Club in 1996! I miss training with @HARPER04_5 and the GOAT," Pippen writes.

Pippen was referring to his former Chicago Bull teammates Ron Harper and Michael Jordan. "The Breakfast Club" was a tradition Jordan began after getting knocked out of the playoffs by the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons three years in a row (1988-1990). Jordan knew he had to get stronger and more physical if he wanted to reach his full potential. Thus, he teamed up with personal trainer Tim Grover and started doing early morning workouts during the season.

Soon enough, some of his teammates got involved and the group began working out 3-4 times a week in Jordan's basement (which included a full gym). After they worked out, Jordan's personal chef cooked them breakfast; hence "The Breakfast Club" was born.

"Breakfast Club was a mindset more than a workout. We just wanted to be more prepared than anyone else," Jordan told Nike.com.

If members of "The Breakfast Club" ever decide to reconvene, Pippen looks like he'll have no problem keeping up.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock