6 Weight Room Exercises for Lacrosse

STACK Expert Steven Banh offers a series of six weight room exercises specifically selected to enhance strength, endurance and explosive speed for lacrosse.


If you're a dedicated lacrosse player, you probably work hard in the off-season to build your strength, develop your core and improve your power. Below is a series of six weight room exercises for lacrosse to help you maintain those gains and prevent injury during the regular season.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

Unilateral exercises use the core more than bilateral exercises. They also are a great way to switch up your programming and attack a specific area of the body a different way. The Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press is great for lacrosse players who want to build upper-body strength and power, as well as core and shoulder stability. Instead of performing it on a flat bench, try it on an incline or decline, or change your speed to develop power.

Alternated Grip Exercises

Alternated grip exercises translate easily from the weight room to the lacrosse field, because you hold the stick similarly. For example, Alternated Grip Pull-Ups increase both back and grip strength. The same goes for Deadlifts and Romanian Deadlifts, which develop the lower body, core and grip strength at the same time.

I, Y, Fly Dumbbell Shoulder Complex

Shoulder and rotator cuff maintenance is extremely important for lacrosse. I prescribe this complex at the end of my programs or as part of a warm-up. Usually I break it into 12 to 15 repetitions per exercise, keeping the dumbbells at a relatively low weight (8 to 15 pounds for most of my athletes). I like this complex because it hits the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles at different angles, keeps the shoulder healthy and prevents shoulder injuries.

Resistance Band Star Complex

Lacrosse is a multidirectional sport. This complex attacks each plane of direction. It also taxes the core and develops core stability and hip strength for changing direction on a dime.

Resistance Band Sprints and Side Runs

Lacrosse demands quick reaction and explosive speed. Train for this in the weight room with resistance bands, which are great for developing speed, core stability and endurance. Increase the time or repetitions for endurance, or decrease the repetitions to focus on speed development.

Contrast Overhead Sledgehammer Tire Swings

This combination exercise is pretty awesome. I love using it with my lacrosse players toward the end of their sessions. Sledgehammer training strengthens the rotator area and develops rotational core power. The only thing we do differently is add a heavier hammer to the mix. My athletes first swing the heavy hammer (15 to 20 pounds) for five repetitions. Then, they immediately switch to the lighter sledge (5 to 10 pounds) for 15 swings.

Pairing a heavy exercise with a fast movement builds momentum for faster, more explosive movements. You will develop a stronger grip, stronger checks and a faster shot.

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