7-Eleven's Bring Your Own Cup Day Gives You The Chance to Drink 552 Grams of Sugar

STACK reminds you about how much sugar you can consume when you bring a giant cup to 7-Eleven's BYOC day! Slurp in moderation.


7-Eleven is running it's annual Bring Your Own Cup Day this weekend, which means many people will be downing massive Slurpees. Here are the ground rules for this year's BYOC Day:

  • It costs $1.50 to fill up your cup
  • the cup must fit through a 10-inch hole
  • the cup must be watertight
  • one cup per person

As you can imagine, most people try to bring in the biggest cup possible. The 10-inch hole stipulation prevents folks from bringing their kiddie pool, but customers are still able to fill gigantic containers. For example, this 1.5-gallon fish bowl looks like it falls within the rules. If you were to fill it up with an Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry-flavored Slurpee, you'd have a treat stuffed with 552 grams of sugar.

That's as much sugar as 118 Oreos! That's as much sugar as 14 cans of Coke! According to the American Heat Association, that's enough sugar to last you over two weeks!

If you're heading to 7-Eleven for BYOC Day, consider this an official reminder to slurp in moderation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock