7 Favorite Mobile Apps of Pro Athletes

Pro athletes love their phones just like the rest of us. Here are seven apps you'll find installed on most pro's iPhones or Androids.

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We love our phones.

We turn to them for entertainment, important updates, to stay connected with friends and family.

Professional athletes are no different.

"When you walk in after a game, every single person is on their phone," Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks recently told The Washington Post.

While spending hours each day glued to your mobile device can be bad for both your posture and your mental state, it's become a way of life in 2018.

When you see an athlete tapping away on their iPhone prior to a game, what app do you think they're using?

The answer varies from person to person, of course, but there are a handful of apps which seem to be installed on just about every athlete's device.

Whether they're listening to music, sharing a workout selfie, or dropping into Tilted Towers, these are the apps they use to make it happen.

Here are seven favorite mobile apps of professional athletes.

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images