7 Gadgets Star Athletes Can't Live Without

When it comes tech, these are the seven gadgets pro athletes rely on to keep them healthy, happy, high-performing machines.

TheraGun G2PRO

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TheraGun G2PRO

The TheraGun is a popular recovery gadget that looks like an electric drill.

It works like one, too. Press the button and it whirs to life, but instead of driving a screw into a piece of lumber, it drives a high-density foam attachment into your hamstring.

The TheraGun utilizes a vibration frequency that's designed to override the body's natural pain signals. That means the device can work on the muscle with pressure deeper than most people's natural pain tolerance would allow.

This type of deep vibration therapy causes muscles to rapidly contract and relax and greatly improves blood flow to allow more oxygenated blood to flow to the muscles, helping them flush out waste and deoxygenated blood and take in nourishments and nutrients quicker and more efficiently.

The result is decreased lactic acid and faster recovery.

The guns first seemed to start popping up in the pro sports world a couple years ago, and they quickly caught on like wildfire among elite athletes. 

Julio Jones was spotted using a TheraGun during Super Bowl LI, as was Kyrie Irving during the 2017 NBA Finals.

"Oh my gosh, it's a lifesaver," Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones told ESPN of the TheraGun in 2017. "I can't live without it anymore…I use it before every practice, every game, stuff like that. When I use it, after I use it, I could go out there and just start running. I wish I had it early on."

The company's most current model, the TheraGun G2PRO, sells for $599.