7 Gadgets Star Athletes Can't Live Without

When it comes tech, these are the seven gadgets pro athletes rely on to keep them healthy, happy, high-performing machines.

NormaTec Boots

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NormaTec Boots

NormaTec leg boots have become a critical tool in elite athlete recovery.

The boots utilize air pressure to dynamically compress regions of the lower body. 

Compression helps flush out deoxygenated blood, lactic acid and other waste products that build up in the extremities so that oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood can replace them and speed recovery. 

The company's Instagram account is filled with shots of athletes wearing the boots.

The most high-profile user is LeBron James, who says he's used the boots religiously since 2011.

"I'm always open to things that can help," James told Bleacher Report. "I started using it, my legs started feeling better and I didn't stop. I started taking it on the road and everything. I mean, I think it's awesome."

Once other athletes noticed LeBron's obsession with the recovery gadget, they followed suit. The portable nature of the boots means many athletes take them on the road and make them a part of their nightly routine. 

The boots aren't cheap, though—the "Pulse Full Body Recovery System" runs $2,545, and many elite athletes likely opt for more expensive "pro" version. 

But ultimately, it's a small price to pay for legs that consistently feel fresh. 

Photo Credit: Michael Zagaris/Getty Images