21 Horrible Snacks for Athletes and What They Do to Your Body

The wrong snacks can quickly sabotage your health and slow down your performance. These snacks might be popular, but they'll take a toll on your body.

Arizona Fruit Juice Cocktails

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Arizona Fruit Juice Cocktails

AriZona juice drinks seem designed to be irresistible.

For one, they're cheap—a 24-ounce can costs a meager 99 cents.

Second, they taste ridiculously good due to their sky-high sugar content.

The nutrition facts label camouflages how loaded with calories these beverages really are.

The serving size listed on them is just 8 ounces, meaning there are actually three of them in a single can.

For popular varieties such as Watermelon and Grapeade, that equates to about 300 calories and 70 grams of sugar.

Drinking that much sugar so quickly wreaks havoc on your blood sugar, leading to crashes in the near term and increasing your risk of negative health consequences such as obesity and high blood pressure.

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