19 Pieces of Workout Advice That Should Die Immediately

To make your lifts safer and more effective, don't listen to these common but misguided coaching cues.

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body"

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Everyone's heard this phrase, and it can be pretty inspiring.

However, it's important to remember that there's a fine line between toughness and stupidity.

Yes, intense training is going to result in the occasional searing muscles and burning lungs. That's how you know you're working hard. But if your pain is the result of a significant injury, trying to train like it simply doesn't exist is a terrible idea.

The number one goal of a strength training program is to prevent injury, not exacerbate it. If you keep trying to push through an injury that will only get better with rest, you're just going to force yourself into an even longer break from training some point down the road.

It's simply not worth putting yourself at risk when you're training, especially when your goal is to play a sport. You need to be healthy to do that.

When in doubt, take a break and see a health professional. In many cases, they'll likely be able to draw up a plan that allows you to still train in some capacity while allowing the affected area to recover.

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