19 Pieces of Workout Advice That Should Die Immediately

To make your lifts safer and more effective, don't listen to these common but misguided coaching cues.

"Women shouldn't lift weights unless they want to look like men"

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This is perhaps one of the dumbest pieces of workout advice out there, and it's caused a huge number of females to miss out on the massive benefit of resistance training.

Newsflash: a female won't suddenly turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger simply by picking up a weight. It just doesn't work that way.

Women naturally have much less testosterone in their bodies than men, so it takes an extreme amount of time and energy for them to become anything approaching "bulky".

If you're not training and living like a female professional bodybuilder (and you would certainly know if you were), you don't need to worry about getting too big and bulky from strength training.

Rather, resistance training is the best option for toning the body, dropping unwanted fat, fixing your posture, and simply looking and feeling better.

By avoiding it, the only thing you're doing is making your quest for better overall fitness much more difficult.

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