A 14-Year-Old Seattle Prep Football Player Becomes a Local Hero After Tackling a Shoplifter

This shoplifter didn't expect to get dropped by a high school football player.

When tackling people is what you do in the majority of your free time, bringing down a shoplifter with perfect form ain't no big deal. Just ask Kevin Merz, a 14-year-old football player for Seattle Prep, who used his abilities for good in much the same way Batman does.

Merz happened to be perusing the shelves of The Gap inside Factoria Mall, most likely shopping for a fresh fit to rock to school the following week, when a man with $800 worth of stolen goods from Target came barreling in on a dead run, trying to escape police offiers who were in pursuit. Reacting with the same instincts he uses to bring down quarterbacks, Merz assessed the situation and hit the shoplifter with a perfect wrap-up tackle to bring him down. Police pounced immediately after, and Merz is now being hailed as a local hero.

When applying to colleges to play football later in life, Merz should definitely include "tackled a shoplifter with perfect form" on his résumé. If that doesn't earn him a starting spot almost immediately, we don't know what will.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock