A 6-Exercise Landmine Workout That Builds Explosive Power

These landmine exercises will challenge your muscles and will help you build some serious explosive power.

Athletes need explosive muscles—not just the ability to move heavy weight, but to do so quickly. Ever see a pro athlete who looks slow? If so, it's a sure bet they aren't in the starting lineup.

Explosive describes skills like sprinting, jumping, cutting, throwing a ball and even driving someone away from you with your arms. All of these moves are a lot more effective in sports when they are packed with big-time explosive muscle behind them.

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There are a ton of ways to get explosive muscle. However, I've had awesome success with the landmine exercises below. From head to toe, you will challenge all of your muscles, and in the end, you will without a doubt build some serious explosive power.

Ready to rock? Here we go.

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These 6 landmine core exercises are broken down into 3 supersets—two moves back to back where you use opposing muscles. You will notice that I structured them to have a lower-body move followed by an upper-body move.

  • Go for 30 seconds at the lower-body move.
  • Rest for 15 seconds.
  • Go for 30 seconds at the upper-body move.
  • Rest for 1 minute then move on to the next superset.

The SuperSets


A1) Alternating Snatch

A2) Squeeze Press

The Alternating Snatch really gets the engine going. You do a strong pull from the ground right to an explosive press all while shuffling your feet to the other side. A lot of moving parts, right? The move will help your coordination as well as build explosive muscle. Follow it up with one of my favorites, the Squeeze Press, which nails all of your chest and shoulder muscles.

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B1) Deadlift

B2) One-Arm Row

I love this form of Deadlift because it'seasier to learn for beginners and still lights your legs and back on fire. Follow it up with the  One-Arm Row and challenge your whole posterior chain. I really like the One-Arm because it forces you into a more sport-specifc athletic position.

C1) Overhead Get Ups

C2) One-Arm Cleans

You'll be feeling this from head to toe when your arms are fully extended. A big key to this move is good hip mobility. You will notice when you bring your knee up, it's tough to do it in a straight line. That's a sign that your hips are tight! Couple that with the One-Arm Clean and your whole body will be seriously taxed!

Take your time with these moves. Learn them first, then make this workout part of your every week routine!

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock