A 90-Second Plank Routine That Builds a Strong Core

Don't overcomplicate your core training. This 90-second Plank workout will help you build rock-solid abs.

Athletes want a stronger core. A lot of times, it's probably because they want a shredded six-pack. But whether their intentions are sound or not, building core strength will serve them well in their sport in terms of performance and injury prevention, and may even give them the washboard abs they seek.

However, I see too many athletes overcomplicating their core training. They end up trying to incorporate as many cool-looking exercises as possible and fail to challenge their core. Or they don't know where to start and end up ignoring core work altogether.

To make things simple, I've developed a Plank routine that only takes 90 seconds to complete. For many athletes, holding a Plank for 90 seconds isn't all that challenging. But the beauty of this routine is that while you hold a Plank, you raise your arms and/or legs off the ground. This changes the center of the gravity of the exercise and forces your core to keep your spine stable and fight extension, flexion and rotation—a critical attribute of a powerful athlete.

The 90-Second Plank workout is extremely simple. Perform each variation for 10 seconds. By the end, your core will be on fire. As you get stronger, you can increase the duration of each exercise if needed.

  • Standard Plank
  • Plank with left arm extended
  • Plank with right arm extended
  • Plank with left leg lifted
  • Plank with right leg lifted
  • Standard Plank
  • Plank with right arm extended and left leg lifted
  • Plank with left arm extended and right leg lifted
  • Standard Plank


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