A Concussed Johnny Manziel Put on a Ridiculous Disguise Just So He Could Party at a Vegas Night Club

You can try to keep Johnny Manziel out of the limelight, but you can't stop his alter ego, Billy!

Johnny Manzeil

It sounds like something out of a bad comedy. A kid who knows he shouldn't be out partying dons a ridiculous disguise and uses a fake name in an attempt to have fun without getting caught. But this isn't the plot of some corny straight-to-DVD movieā€”it's Johnny Manziel's actual life.

Last week, Manziel was ruled out for the Browns' final game of the regular season with a concussion. So the night before the game, he stayed in, drank lots of water and avoided bright lights, right?


According to ESPN Las Vegas, Manziel went to a popular Vegas nightclub rocking an outrageous disguise. Introducing himself as "Billy," Manziel wore a fake mustache, a blonde wig, sunglasses and a hoodie. Seriously.

I can't believe Johnny actually thought this would work. How many 23-year olds do you see rocking blonde bobs and bushy mustaches? And at a Vegas nightclub, no less? The only logical answer is that the concussion caused Johnny to develop split personality disorder, and now he has a blonde-haired alter-ego known as Billy. And Billy loves to party in Vegas.

Obviously, the internet has been having some fun with this one. The only question that remains is which persona will sign with the Dallas Cowboys this off-season, Johnny or Billy?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock