A.J. Green Knows Exactly When He'll Retire From The NFL

Green stated a specific amount of time he'd like to play in the NFL.

Many were shocked when Detroit Lions superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson called it quits prior to the 2016 season.

By then Megatron had already played 9 NFL seasons, but shown no signs of slowing down. He posted 1,214 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns in 2015.

Like Johnson, A.J. Green is a dominant receiver who can totally change the complexion of a game.

Johnson retired at 30 years old. Green is 28. Could the Cincinnati Bengals star follow in Johnson's footsteps with an early retirement?

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At a recent event at The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinatti, Green talked about how long he wants to keep playing. It turns out that the two-time All-Pro receiver had a very specific answer:

To be a part of the Bengals, it's just a blessing. To make it to the NFL, no matter what team you get drafted to, you're living out your dream. It's been a blessing even just to make it to six years. I [recently signed] my second contract so that puts me at 10 years. I want to play 14 years. If I can get there, that's my goal. Get to 14 years.

A 14-year career would mean Green would retire at about 36 years old. Considering that only three receivers in the NFL are currently 35 or older (Steve Smith is the oldest at 37), that's a pretty lofty goal.

But we wouldn't be shocked if Green can get there. His nutrition is on point, and that's a big part of NFL longevity (just look at Tom Brady's extremely picky diet). He's also a workout warrior who spends his off-seasons training at an old-school gym in Georgia with fellow NFL players like Justin Houston.

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