Add 20 Mph to Your Tennis Serve With Help From Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo

Three drills to help you put more velocity into your tennis serve.

Speed is important for a tennis serve, especially when you're trying to ace an opponent. Tennis coach Gabe Jaramillo at Club Med Academies in Sandpiper Bay, Florida, has drills that will add 20 mph to your serve and increase your chances of blasting an ace.

The first step to adding 20 mph to your tennis serve is to make sure you have a continental grip on the racquet. This allows you to have the correct pronation, or outward turn of your wrist, as you swing at the ball, which produces considerable racquet-head speed.

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During the first drill, the movement should be very slow so you can get used to the motion of the swing. Starting off at the T, take your racquet and hold it with two fingers and your thumb. With the racquet in the back ready position, toss the ball up and serve. Focus on making contact with the ball with the hand and racquet pronating and the elbow staying up.

For the second drill, go back to the continental grip. Start again with the racquet in the back ready position, toss the ball up and serve. Focus on pronating your hand and racquet while finishing with your elbow up.

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The third drill starts the same way. Racquet up in the ready position; toss the ball up and serve. But this time, after serving the ball you need to see where it hits on the fence. If the ball bounces before the fence you can tell the serve was too slow. If the ball hits in the middle of the fence, your serve was at a decent speed. When the ball reaches above the middle of the fence, you know you have the right pronation.

Watch the video above to practice these tips and drills, and you will be able to add 20 mph to your serve in no time.

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