The All-Girl Gear Review: adidas 'Boyfriend' Training Collection

STACK's female content staffers review two apparel items from adidas's "Boyfriend" collection.

adidas Boyfriend Tank and Tights

In "The All-Girl Gear Review," STACK staffers Niki, Kesha and Samantha put new workout gear to the test so you don't have to. This week's items:

adidas Boyfriend Striped Tank, $28
adidas Boyfriend Three-Quarter Tights, $50

The Tests

Niki: 6-Mile Run

"The striped tank's moisture-wicking properties kept my core warm and dry. The length of the tank top—about 6-inches longer than my outer layer—was perfect for the long chilly run, since it allowed me to layer up without getting bunchy.

"When my body temperature heated up mid-run, the tank's loose, breathable fit helped me stay cool. And on an April run, when the sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds of a Midwestern sky, the sexy racer back exposed my arms and back for a healthy dose of vitamin D.

"The tights are sleek and stylish with a thick waistband that would likely be flattering on any body type. I felt comfortable and confident in this outfit, and I'd wear it while running errands on the weekend or meeting friends for a post-workout lunch."

Kesha: One-Hour Bodyweight Workout

"The loose Boyfriend Striped Tank and the comfy Boyfriend Three-Quarter Tights were born to be worn at the gym. The tights quickly became my best friend during an intense core series, as the flat seams and total lack of zippers let me focus on the task at hand.

"The tank top's racer back lets you shamelessly showcase your toned arms and back, and its loose fit lets you sweat without restriction. I also liked that the shirt's extra length covers your butt, allowing for a little modesty during your workout."

Samantha: 90-Minute Hot Yoga Class

"The shirt's wicking and breathability made it a great choice for the hot classroom. A word to the wise though: the comfy, loose fit of this shirt added a new element to inversions. One handstand into my yoga practice, the tank was heading toward my face, so make sure to tuck it in before you get upside down. Unless of course you want to show off your hard-earned abs. The tights were nice and breathable as well and wicked away sweat. Bottom line: The pants could quickly become a Yogi's go-to tights, but make sure to keep the top tucked in! Or, simply use the top's versatility by wearing it to the studio or while having coffee with friends after class."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock