Real Athlete Reviews: adidas Ghost 2

In the latest entry in STACK's Real Athlete Review series, two AAU basketball players give their opinion on the adidas Ghost 2 basketball sneaker.

adidas Ghost 2

This performance review is brought to you by Ryan and Kyle, a two-man team who take a particular interest in basketball shoes, especially their performance on court. We currently play basketball at the high school and AAU level, which gives our reviews a unique perspective, since we play games almost daily and at a high pace.

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adidas Ghost 2

In this review, Ryan and Kyle take the adidas Ghost 2 to the court. The shoe, which is endorsed by Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith, was quick and responsive, but it didn't receive as high a grade as others in our series because of problems with comfort. Find out if the Ghost 2 is right for you by reading our detailed review below.


The Ghost 2's traction was average, and its effectiveness waned as the game wore on. Initially, the wavy traction pattern gripped the court well, but we started noticing slippage as the soles began collecting dust. If you play on a clean floor or you're in the habit of continually wiping the bottom of your shoes, you'll be fine. If not, you may start to notice traction issues as your practice or game wears on.


The Ghost 2 sacrifices a softer, more comfortable foam for more responsive EVA foam and a PU insole. The cushioning is ideal for players who favor a firmer, more responsive ride.


The Ghost 2 allows air flow only through the four mesh areas between the three signature adidas stripes. Thus, the Ghost 2's breathability is not great, but it gets the job done.


The Kurim Toe Shield presents some major comfort issues. In theory, this feature should be fantastic, since it offers toe protection while keeping the shoe's weight down. On the court, however, we found that the toe shield's stitching dug into our feet during hard cuts and direction changes. If you choose this shoe, we definitely recommend thick socks.


adidas's support system works well in the Ghost 2. The high-top cut supports the ankle, reducing the risk of an ankle sprain, and the shank does a great job of supporting the midfoot.


The Ghost 2 uses the Crazy Light 2's Sprint Frame to keep the midfoot and forefoot locked down during cuts. The lockdown in the heel works well and looks great, since adidas made the design choice to show the carbon fiber. Overall, lockdown was the best feature of the shoe.

Our Take

This shoe performed well on the court, despite the toe shield comfort issue. It's a good fit for a fast, explosive big man like Josh Smith, thanks to its responsive foam cushioning and good lockdown. We'd recommend it for taller small forwards, most power forwards and quick centers.

Traction: Average
Cushioning: Average
Breathability: Average
Comfort: Below Average
Support: Average
Lockdown: Above Average

Overall: B

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