adidas Terrex Fast R Mid GTX Hiking Boot

STACK reviews adidas's Terrex Fast R GTX hiking boots.

adidas Terrex Fast R GTX Mid

Most hikers don't want a heavy boot. Sure, a heavy boot keeps out all manner of stuff, and it has a rigid sole that can do your feet a favor when you're backpacking. But what if you're not that type of hiker? What if you want a light boot that holds up in harsh weather conditions but doesn't slow you down? If this sounds good, the adidas Terrex Fast R GTX could be right for you.

I often take my dog hiking or go out on short runs in a nearby national park. I have another pair of hiking boots that work fine, but they're kind of overkill for these outings, and I would never run in them. So the boots I grab most often are the Terrex Fast R GTX.

They have a speed lacing system that I appreciate. I can lace up in seconds, and the boots stay tight on my feet. For some reason, the way other boots lace up has always annoyed me. If you've ever used the boa system for snowboard boots, the Terrex Fast R GTX has similar technology.

These boots are comfortable right out of the box. They require zero break-in period, and I didn't get blisters, which can happen with new hiking boots. So far, I haven't had to change the insole, which is often necessary with a new pair of boots.

My favorite thing about these boots? The weight. I tried out the mid tops (a low top model is also available). They provide decent ankle support at a weight of only 15 ounces. They actually seemed to improve my agility while hiking. I had better "touch" with the trail. The grip on the Fast R works well too. Some days I went out were pretty damp, but I noticed no slipping. They also have nice styling, combining adidas's distinctive three-stripe branding with a few rugged touches.

If your time in the woods is more day hiking or run-oriented, but you want a boot that protects you from the elements without bogging you down, the adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is worthy of your consideration. Find these and similar boots and shoes at adidas Outdoor.

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