adidas Women's Predator Lethal Zones Offer Extra Comfort for Play

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adidas Women's Predator LZ TRX Pink

Although the women's Predator features the same groundbreaking innovations as the men's cleat—five lethal zones and miCoach compatibility—adidas took the women's boot to a new level with extra padding in the heel and ankle supports for more comfort during play. The shoe comes with an additional set of laces so you can create a different look when the mood strikes you.

"A good shoe fit that conformed to the feet was a common topic discussed in our women's focus groups," says Antonio Zea, director of soccer for adidas America. "All the girls we included in testing loved these shoes."

The women's shoe comes in Bright Pink/Predator Running White. But if you really want to get creative, adidas offers customizable unisex Predator LZs. You can choose from 12 different base color schemes and three outsole sets. Personalize your shoes with a flag, logo, name or number, and you'll never have trouble finding them again.

Shoes ($130) are available for pre-order now, with delivery set for June 1. Check back soon to see video of the shoe in action at the adidas launch party.

—five lethal zones and miCoach compatibility—

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock