adiZero Ghost Available Now Exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods

Atlanta Hawk's forward Josh Smith stars in a national commercial for his new adidas signature shoe, the adiZero Ghost.

What's it like to be so light? Just listen to Josh Smith. The NBA star and his new shoe, the adidas adiZero Ghost, are featured in a new national TV commercial [below] , called "Ode to Lightness."

The spot blends the art of poetry with the power and explosiveness of Smith's game to show how it feels to defy gravity. As Smith showcases his athleticism on the court, National Poetry Slam Champion Shihan describes what it feels like to block shots, grab rebounds and push past defenders to jump effortlessly above the basket and dunk.

The adiZero Ghost is the follow-up to last season's adiZero Infiltrate, which Smith wore while leading the Hawks in blocked shots, averaging 16.5 points and 8.5 rebounds a game and helping Atlanta upset the Orlando Magic to reach the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

adiZero Ghost

Here's what Smith had to say about the adiZero Ghost: "The style of the shoe is really what catches you. It definitely has that look where you can be able to wear it on the court and off the court—it has that type of style. Plus, it's really light. The SprintWeb is good for support cutting, in and out of your plays. It's a comfortable shoe ... as soon as I put my foot in it, [I] felt like I had worn it three or five times already."

The adiZero Ghost incorporates adidas technology in a sleek, lightweight shoe that makes players faster on the court. SprintWeb, a breathable web layout in the upper, keeps the shoe light, and a TPU shank in the heel provides vertical and horizontal support for cutting and accelerating.

The adiZero Ghost is available now in five colors for $90, exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods.

We caught up with the Atlanta Hawks big man in Los Angeles during the filming of his adiZero Ghost commercial. Check out our exclusive interview with Josh Smith.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock