Prowler Sled Workouts: 2 Advanced Variations

STACK Expert Joseph Potts offers two advanced prowler sled workout variations that can boost your speed and power.

Originally designed to condition football linemen, prowler sleds have recently become popular among athletes in other sports for developing speed and power.

Below are two advanced prowler sled workout variations that can take your training to another level with the simple addition of resistance bands. The two drills can add an extra dimension to your normal sled workout, or they can be used as an alternative should there be a limitation on the load you can safely push.

Hip-Resisted Marches and Sprints

To perform this exercise, you need a set of hip-resistor bands. Simply attach the bands to your legs prior to performing Sled Marches and Sprints in the usual manner. With the bands in place, you train both your hip flexors and extensors. I recommend 6-10 reps of 10-15 yards.

Band-Resisted Prowler Marches

To perform this exercise, you need a resistance band at least 41 inches long (in the video we use the 6-foot-long Rubberbanditz speed-training band) and a partner. Place the band around your waist and march with the sled in the usual manner. Your partner provides resistance by maintaining constant tension in the band as you move. This is a great option if you have a shoulder condition that prohibits loading the sled with a large amount of weight. I recommend 5-8 reps of 10-15 yards.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock