Alaskan High School Football Player Decides Between Two Colleges By Going on a Bear Hunt

This high school football player decided his future by the outcome of a bear-hunting trip.


When they face a tough decision and can't make up their mind, many people rely on fate. Maybe they flip a coin, consult a ouija board, look for signs in the stars, or—as in the case of Palmer High School (Alaska) football player Chase Ferris—go bear hunting.

That's right, bear hunting.

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The senior running back had two choices: continue his football career at the University of Mary (D-II, Bismarck, North Dakota) or put football behind him and attend the University of Wyoming. Ferris decided that if he got the bear, he would play football. No bear, no football.

Ferris told the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman:

"I let it all come down to fate, and fate chose University of Mary. We'd gone up for [the bear] once. We hadn't seen it in two days. I said, 'we kill it, I'll go play football.'"

Ferris got the bear and will play football this fall as a Mary Marauder. Check out the full story here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock