Fox Releases Promising Trailer for Futuristic 'Almost Human'

Fox's "Almost Human" debuts this fall. Watch the trailer for this futuristic cop drama on, and check out the trailers for 3 other new shows, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Gang Related" and "Rake."

The upcoming television drama Almost Human is among the most promising new series Fox showed off at last week's upfronts (Learn about the CW's best new shows).

Almost Human is led by J.J. Abrams, the force behind Fringe and Lost, and J.H. Wyman. Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Michael Ealy (Sleeper Cell) star. Think of it as a buddy cop show with a sci-fi twist—along the same lines as I, Robot.

The show is set 35 years in the future, during a time when cops are required to have robotic partners that make decisions based solely on logic. Detective John Kennex (Urban) hasn't had the best experience with the androids, however. He was recently abandoned by a robot partner that had determined the odds of saving a fallen cop were too low to take the chance. After Kennex destroys his next robot partner on the first day back on the job, his captain gives him a forgotten prototype named Dorian (Ealy). Dorian isn't like the other robots. He was created to factor emotions into his decisions. The two bond to create a formidable team against the bad guys.

Almost Human will air on Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT, just ahead of another new show, Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Fox has also picked up Gang Related, which will focus on the members of L.A.'s Gang Task Force, including an apparent double agent. There's also Rake, which centers on a criminal defense attorney who battles addiction (House anyone?) while standing up for the downtrodden in cases no one else will touch. It stars Greg Kinnear and will launch during the midseason. Watch the trailers below.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Gang Related


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