Alvin Kamara's Offseason Training Includes an Absurd Jeep-Resisted Yoke Carry

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is doing some absurd exercises in an effort to avoid the sophomore slump.

Some NFL players use the offseason to unwind and stay out of the spotlight.

Others use it to perform Jeep-Resisted Yoke Carries.

You can guess which category Alvin Kamara falls into:


The Yoke Carry is a powerful strongman exercise that essentially hits every muscle in the body. It also requires enormous core strength, which is one of Kamara's calling cards. The New Orleans Saints running back rampaged his way to 1,554 all-purpose yards in his rookie season and earned a reputation for breaking tackles. Much of that ability can be attributed to his awesome functional core strength, but Sainst QB Drew Brees has theorized that Kamara's unique running style also makes him tougher to bring down. Specifically, Kamara always seems to have both feet on the ground when taking on contact.

"(His) feet are always on the ground," Brees told ESPN. "That's a rare talent. That's how you break tackles. Because you're using the ground as extra force to shed guys…there's guys like that around the league, certain guys that you just say, 'What makes that guy so good?' Or so good (running) after the catch or breaking tackles or what have you. And a lot of times it's guys that keep their feet on the ground."

The mastermind behind Kamara's walk of pain is Colt Colletti. A former college running back (he benched 225 33 times at his Pro Day in addition to a 39.5-Inch Vertical Jump), Colletti's Instagram feed is littered with outrageous feats of strength. This is what happens when a dude who's a little bit crazy also happens to have superhuman strength:

No word on if Kamara has taken a sledgehammer to the stomach yet this offseason. Obviously, we recommend you avoid attempting these exact exercises at home. They're far too risky for the average athlete. Standard Loaded Carries and Sled Pushes should be able to get you plenty of results in a safer environment.