Amazon Releases New Fire Smartphone

Amazon has released the new Fire Smartphone. Check out its features at

Amazon has launched the new Amazon Fire Smartphone. For a limited time, all who purchase it will get a free, full-year Amazon Prime membership. Owners who already have Prime will have their membership extended for an additional year at no charge.

Amazon's smartphone has several unique features. The phone's Mayday feature, familiar to users of Amazon's Kindle Fire, allows users to get free, 24/7/365 live tech support with the touch of a button.

The phone's patented Firefly technology allows users to dispense with typing, since the phone can scan and identify text on nearly any surface, from newspapers to business cards. Users can scan text and make phone calls, visit websites, send emails or save information with the touch of one button.

The same technology allows the phone to instantly recognize a host of movies, TV shows and channels and provide information about actors, directors and show times. Users can add titles to a wish list or download a video and watch it later. The phone identifies songs and works with iHeartRadio and other apps, allowing users to create radio stations around specific artists and find ticket information for their upcoming concerts and shows.

The phone also recognizes over 70 million products and makes it easy to add items to wish lists, find product details and even place orders directly with Amazon.

The phone comes with a 13-megapixel camera and allows users to shoot video in 1080p. Users can also store an almost unlimited number of photos in the cloud, instantly.

The Amazon Fire Smartphone is now available for pre-order directly from Amazon. Prices range from $199 to $649, depending on model and service contract selected. The phone will be released for shipping on July 25.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock