Report: Amazon Gearing Up for Smartphone Release

Amazon appears to be getting ready to jump into the smartphone market. Get the latest rumors at

Amazon's campaign to compete with Apple and Google won't end with its recently released streaming media player, Amazon Fire. The retail giant is reportedly looking to move into the smartphone market later this year.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted unnamed sources saying that Amazon will unveil the phone this summer and begin shipping it this fall. The market is already crowded and incredibly competitive. Former mainstays Blackberry and Motorola are struggling to hold on to their shrinking market shares.

Amazon reportedly intends to distinguish itself by delivering a 3-D offering. The 3-D rendering will not require special glasses and will feature four front-facing cameras to help track the viewer's gaze.

This isn't the first time reports have circulated about Amazon creating a cellphone. At one point they were believed to be working on a model with HTC. But according to the WSJ, the company has now shown prototypes of the new device to various developers in San Francisco and Seattle. The Amazon phone, if it comes to fruition, will likely run on an Android OS, similar to the one they use for the Kindle. Regarding pricing, expect the online giant to aim for the middle ground between $100 and $200. They have a long history of selling at a loss to get their product into consumers' hands.

Amazon is clearly betting heavily on its future as a tech giant. The company already has an app store for mobile games. With more than 200,000 games, it has a solid foundation, but most users continue to opt for the Apple store or Google Play.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock