April Fools' Day Recap: Top 6 Athlete Pranks

STACK ranks the best athlete pranks of April Fools' Day 2014. Check out Dwight Howard's jab at LeBron James and the Colorado Rapids' new "vintage" uniforms.

April Fools' Day jokes go one of two ways: they're either perfectly executed, leaving the fooled surprised, or they completely flop.

This April Fools' Day, many top teams and athletes tried to pull off some great pranks. Dwight Howard's joke at LeBron's expense was one of the best sports fools of the year, while LeBron's fake tweet was a total dud.

We've ranked the six best jokes from this year's April Fools' Day. Check them out below:

6.  Fake Mixtape

James joked about releasing an album in mid-April titled King Me with top rappers, including Jay-Z, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. This alleged album is something that we'd all love to hear, but it's unfortunately not real. James's tweet left fans feeling more disappointed than fooled.



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5. "New" Uniforms

University of Washington football coach Chris Petersen introduced next year's uniforms to his team at a 7:15 a.m. meeting. The uniforms include a lame sketched version of their mascot on the helmet and the word "DAWGS" printed in big, bold letters across the butt. Petersen broke the joke with typical philosophical coach talk. "Forget about the present, forget about the past, be here now," he said. "So what is now? It's April Fools'."

4. Sausage Attack

The most popular member of the Milwaukee Brewers, Hank the Dog, was at the center of a beautifully crafted April Fools' joke by OnMilwaukee.com. To celebrate the holiday, the magazine posted a photo of Hank attacking a sausage racer's crotch as he rounds the bases. It's a truly beautiful Photoshop job, even including the mutt's leaping shadow on the ground.

3. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We all know that LeBron James's headband has been pushed farther and farther up his forehead every year because of his receding hairline. Dwight Howard decided to Instagram a prank at King James's expense by posting a fake picture of the All-Star with a full head of hair. Howard says, "I'm losing my hairline, but I thought this was funny."


2. Fighting Irish

During an interview with Campus Insider's basketball analyst and former Fighting Irish baller Jordan Cornette, Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey puts on the performance of a lifetime. Brey seemingly gets upset about a question and storms out of the interview. Cornette looks equally terrified and dumbfounded before the coach returns to the set and starts laughing.

1. Booty Shorts

The Colorado Rapids went all out this April Fools' Day with a fake press release of their new "vintage" uniforms. Top players, including Marvell Wynne, Dillon Powers, and Deshorn Brown, modeled the outfits, which included booty shorts and leather fringe. The joke went over so well that fans are hoping the retro uniforms will make an appearance in a few games this season.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock