Arizona Cardinals Running Back David Johnson Squats 500 Pounds, Then Hits 51-Inch Box Jump

Check out this video of David Johnson performing 500-pound Squats and 51-inch Box Jumps. Insane!

In the caption that accompanies this insane video of Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson working out, the former Northern Iowa standout writes, "Never skip leg day ppl!" After seeing the pure lower-body strength on display in this brief clip, perhaps the leg day actually wants to skip him.

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On this particular leg day, Johnson paired Squats with Box Jumps, two common exercises that get a thumbs up for building lower-body strength. What distinguishes Johnson's workout from yours or mine is that Johnson's legs are clearly made of steel. The second-year player not only squats 500 pounds, he immediately switches stations to hit a Box Jump of 51 inches—multiple times.

Johnson probably hasn't skipped a single leg day since the exact moment he was born.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock