VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger as an Undercover Fitness Instructor

Check out this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger going undercover at a Gold's Gym to promote After School All-Stars fitness programs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished  a great deal—from Mr. Olympia to movie star to Governor of California. But in a recent publicity stunt to raise awareness about After School All-Stars, a program aimed to improve children's fitness, Ahh-nold attempted one role he might never be able to pull off—that of an normal, everyday guy.

Schwarzenegger went undercover (well, as undercover as a gigantic man with a famous Austrian accent can) at a Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif., pretending to be a fitness instructor named Howard. Schwarzenegger rocked a black pony-tail wig, thick mustache and signature Gold's Gym t-shirt to blend in.

In the video above, not everyone falls for his act, but those who do have some priceless reactions to the advice "Howard" offers. Check out the video to watch the incognito Terminator take over Gold's Gym, and find out more about Schwarzenegger's Omaze campaign.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock