Mizuno vs. Asics Volleyball Shoes

Which manufacturer makes the best volleyball shoes: Asics or Mizuno? Check out a review of both Mizuno and Asics volleyball shoes.

Mizune vs. Asics Volleyball Shoes

Every volleyball training shoe brand claims to be "the best." In reality, experienced indoor players know there are only two brands that consistently market quality court shoes year after year.

Asics Volleyball Shoes

Since my first step on a volleyball court, I've sported Asics volleyball shoes, and I've played and coached for awhile now. Back in the day, you could make the classic Asics Gel court shoe last up to five seasons. Through hundreds of matches, being stuffed and thrown into bags, washed, dried, tumbled and packed with ankle braces, Asics volleyball shoes passed the test of time. Today, they've released new versions of old favorites like the Gel Rocket, Domain 2 and Gel Flashpoint with colors. All are designed with a mesh upper sole and gel forefoot cushioning, so your feet stay cool and comfortable despite impact after impact on the court.

For years Asics held a near-monopoly on indoor court shoes, but recently another competitor has blasted onto the scene. Mizuno, best known for the best dry-fit volleyball-specific jerseys, spandex, kneepads and even socks, is now challenging Asics in court footwear.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

With models like the Wave, Bolt 6, Tornado and the brand new Lightning, Mizuno is ramping up the competition for the hottest and most effective indoor court shoes. Their shoes all feature something called "Pebax parallel technology," which displaces shock evenly throughout the sole, adding comfort and facilitating performance.

As a player who is obsessive about her gear, I think what sets Mizumo shoes apart is their tread. With rubber outer soles for increased traction, these shoes almost eliminate the need for high socks. As all volleyball players know, we wear them simply to wipe our shoes off  between plays to maximize traction.

Bottom line: I am a creature of habit, so no matter how many Mizunos I buy, I always go back to Asics volleyball shoes.

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