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How can I get more benefits from my workouts without spending a ton of time in the gym?

Using supersets is a great way to accomplish this goal. NBA superstar Dwyane Wade uses them on a regular basis during the off-season. A superset consists of performing one exercise after another with minimal rest between. Check out Gatorade Performance Series Episode 9 to watch Dwyane attack his supersets and offer advice on setting up a workout to maximize your training.

What should an athlete be drinking?

In addition to water, athletes need to consume a sports drink with electrolytes and carbohydrates before, during and after intense activity. Watch Gatorade Performance Series Episode 14 to see how Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor stays hydrated in the heat. You'll also learn why carbs and electrolytes are important for optimal performance.

What exercises can I do to boost my speed as a quarterback?

Speed at the QB position is largely dependent on your quickness and reaction time in the pocket. No one is better in the pocket than Peyton Manning, so check out Gatorade Performance Series Episode 3 to learn how the four-time NFL MVP improved to such an elite level.

How can I get stronger for basketball?

Basketball strength has little to do with bulking up like a bodybuilder or hoisting massive weight like a powerlifter. Instead, focus on developing functional strength and improving balance, like Oklahoma City Thunder phenom Kevin Durant. Check out Gatorade Performance Series Episode 4 to learn what exercises he uses to add muscle and build strength for the court.

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