Happy 40th Birthday, Atari!

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Few iOS companies can claim to have been in the gaming industry for forty years, but Atari recently did just that, marking the celebration by rereleasing their classic game, Centipede, f0r mobile devices. The occasion can't help but prompt gamers to look back fondly on Atari's other iconic games—and to recall the fact that they used to make a console!

Arguably, Pong is Atari's most famous game. It basically created the gaming industry. On the flip side, their release of the video game E.T. almost killed the video game industry.

Happy birthday, Atari! The gaming world is better off with you in it, and it's been fun watching you adapt to the shifting landscape. You may not be as dominant as you once were, but you're still churning out some amazing games.

What's your favorite Atari game of all time? Are you still playing it? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock

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