The Athlete's Guide to Choosing a Helmet

Learn how to choose your helmet with help from former Olympian Summer Sanders and the Helmets on Heads campaign.


Through the Helmets on Heads initiative, former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders is travelling the country to convince athletes to protect their heads with helmets. Between engagements, Sanders took a few minutes to share some of her top tips with STACK.

"Athletes and casual riders alike should look for a helmet that fits, is comfortable and has a CPSC sticker, which is an indication that the helmet has passed all U.S. safety standards," says Sanders. "To fit, the front of the helmet should be one to two finger-widths above your eyebrows, and it needs to be snug enough so that if you move your head back and forth, it doesn't wiggle. Also, the straps on each side should form a V right under your ears. And finally, the strap should be snug so that only one finger can fit between the strap and your chin."

Learn how to check the fit of your helmet through the Fit Guide on the Helmets on Heads website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock