8 Pro Athletes Who Are Clearly Showing Off During Workouts

These eight athletes want you to watch their impressive feats of strength.

We all know professional athletes are a physically fit subset of humans, but sometimes they go out of their way to show just how strong they really are. Whether it's hanging upside down and doing Ab Crunches that make you nauseous just looking at them or casually strolling through a neighborhood pulling a truck, athletes know that cameras are always on them, and many want to show off. Here's a look at eight athletes who are blatantly showing off their power with a few ridiculous exercises.

Peyton Hillis Pulling a Truck

Peyton Hillis's Truck Pull

When you're built like a truck, it's only fitting that you should pull one through the serene streets of suburban Kansas City. Former Broncos, Browns, Chiefs and Giants running back Peyton Hillis prepared for the 2013 season by harnessing himself to an enormous red truck and pulling it through his neighborhood. He also says he once pulled a fire truck, but that seems like something that didn't happen. Regardless, apparently when Hillis wants to engage his upper body, his first thought is to strap himself to a vehicle. Good for him.

Tim Tebow Chopping Trees

Tim Tebow Chops Down Trees

Listen up, Tim. Here's what's on the docket for today's workout: Push-Ups. Burpees. And then we're going to walk deep into the woods and chop down some trees on somebody's land, then run away like giggling school girls. Got it?

Wait, what?

Ahead of the 2010 NFL Draft, Tim Tebow took to the forest near his home in Jacksonville, Florida, to chop some wood so his family could survive the long, cold winter while he was gone playing football. Or something like that.

LeBron James Walking Around Miami Carrying a Giant Tire

LeBron James Carrying a Giant Tire

We all know LeBron James is an ideal physical specimen who was sent here from another planet to show us mere mortals what a perfectly sculpted human body looks like. But did he really have to stroll around the streets of Miami carrying a 300-pound tire? Like, we get it. He could probably carry a small mobile home around on his pinky. But put a shirt on and go do a normal Pull-Up or something. Sheesh.

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RG3 Pulling Tires Attached to His Ankles

Robert Griffin III pulls Tires attached to his ankles

This looks like it could be detrimental to Robert Griffin III's ankles, but it was obviously done so he could post it on his Instagram and show everyone how hard he's working. Look at that grimace. Let's hope this exercise didn't last more than a few steps.

Dez Bryant Performing an Ab Workout Upside Down on a Punching Bag

There must be easier ways to get an ab workout than hanging upside down on a punching bag and doing crunches. Maybe Dez Bryant just got bored with Mountain Climbers and Dead Bugs, and this crazy move just popped into his head. Whatever works, Dez.

D.J. Campbell Climbing a Net

Spiderman? Or D.J. Campbell? It's hard to tell, watching the former San Francisco 49er scale a net like Peter Parker's superhero football alter ego. While the rest of us are stuck doing Pull-Ups with a bar or scaling a rock wall that we overpaid to use at our gym, Campbell is scaling nets and (probably) the sides of buildings.

Manny Pacquiao Getting Slapped With a Stick

Manny Pacquiao stick training

Hey Manny, what are your thoughts on being slapped repeatedly with a stick in your ab area to strengthen your core?

This certainly looks like a routine for the cameras that were filming Pacquiao ahead of his fight with Oscar De La Hoya back in 2008, because it looks insanely painful.

"I think I'm the only one who will do the stick," Pacquiao said. Yes, Manny. You are, because this looks awful.

J.J. Watt Launching a Med Ball and Pushing a Very Very Very Heavy Sled

J.J. Watt Launches a Med Ball and Pushes a 350-Pound Sled

JJ Watt Sled Push

Everything in this video looks like it would kill even the most athletic football players, but J.J. Watt is a freak. Jumping out of a squat and throwing a med ball the length of a football field and pushing a sled that's heavier than the Buffalo Bills offensive line are nothing to him. Both exercises just seem a bit unnecessary.

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