12 Videos of Athletes 'Singing' in Cars

Instagram videos of 13 talented athletes singing while driving (tunefully, or not).

Yup, professional athletes post videos of themselves lifting, running and jumping. Many are also open about getting pedicures, going to the dentist and kicking back and enjoying a nice drive while blasting their of-the-moment jams. So just for fun, in no particular order, here are 13 Instagrams of athletes either singing, rapping, or pretending to sing or rap in their cars.

Khaseem Greene

Cliff Dixon

Benny Cunningham

Josh Cribbs

Martell Webster

Kameron Chancellor

Jonny Bones

Amir Johnson

D.J. Williams

Nate Robinson

Darnell Dockett

Shaquille O'Neal



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock