Become A Better Athlete By Developing An Attacking Mindset

Take your off-season workouts to the next level by learning how to develop an attacking mindset.

Athlete Mindset

To improve for next season, you'll probably spend countless hours this summer working through exercises, routines, nutrition plans and speed drills. Although solid workouts will help your performance, they're not likely to be the "game breaker" you're looking for to reach your full athletic potential.

Achieve your potential next season by spending the summer developing an attacking mindset. Your mindset approaching your workouts is just as important as the exercises you select. Commit to the following goals during your next training session and watch the impact it will have on your results.

Enjoy the Struggle

Strength training and conditioning are not meant to be easy. Progress takes hard work, personal sacrifice, and commitment. What separates great athletes from the rest is the understanding that this struggle is what makes training so rewarding. Treating every obstacle as an opportunity for improvement is vital for long-term success.

Be Competitive

Great athletes remain competitive until the final whistle, regardless of the score. Take this competitiveness with you into the weight room. Each time you begin a training session, look at your previous workout log. If you did 12 reps on a particular exercise, strive for 13 or 14. Compete against yourself and never settle.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Every bite of food, every beverage and every late night affect your performance, even during the off-season. Being a champion means understanding that today is a building block for tomorrow. At times, the average athlete will eat junk food, stay out too late or miss a workout. But whenever you allow yourself to do what "average people" do, remember this quote from coach John Wooden: "To be average means you are equally close to the top as you are to the bottom." Become a winner by doing the things average athletes wouldn't dare to consider.

Pay Attention to Detail

Focus on perfect technique through every exercise—even during the warm-up. Keep accurate notes and always try to do better by one rep or one pound. Small increases add up to big gains over time. Take care of the small details and you'll see the big ones fall into place.

Get It Done

Coaches are there to teach, guide, and evaluate your performance, but no one can hand you success. You have to earn it. When work has to get done, only you can determine whether to strive for excellence. Find the motivation to get better through our Athlete Mindset guide.

The next time you enter the weight room, say to yourself, "This is my finest hour. Let's get it done. Every rep counts." Developing an attacking mindset and never quitting on an exercise will go a long way toward helping you grow as an athlete.

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