Austen Lane's Complete NFL Workout

Watch defensive end Austen Lane perform a complete off-season workout in his quest to resume his NFL career.

As Austen Lane approaches his 28th birthday, he is working hard to make a name for himself in the NFL. With hard work and dedication this off-season, he is hoping to find a spot on a roster this upcoming season.

Drafted in 2010 by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Lane showed promised as an explosive defensive end. Despite weighing 276 pounds, he ran a 4.8-second 40-Yard Dash. He was also a dominant pass rusher during his collegiate career at Murray State.

In his rookie season, he won a starting spot, played nine games and accumulated 20 tackles. However, the next few years proved difficult. Lane suffered major shoulder and ankle injuries, and full recovery was slow in coming. He has since bounced around the league, most recently landing on the Chicago Bears' roster.

Now a free agent, Lane is working hard this off-season to return to form and reach his potential in the NFL. He's training at SET Performance in Jacksonville, Florida, with owner Jerrian Sanders.

In the video above, Lane goes through a workout designed to increase his explosive power, reaction time and work capacity. The workout began with exercises that train his body similar to how he uses his muscles on the field. He then moved onto three supersets that improve his strength, power and mobility.

Austen Lane Workout

Perform grouped exercises consecutively with minimal rest between them, resting 30 seconds between sets.

  • 1) Landmine Single-Arm Jam - 1x10 each arm
  • 2) Pass Rush Drill – 3x1 right side
  • 3) Landmine Snatch and Drive - 1x10 each arm
  • 4) Pass Rush Drill – 3x1 left side
  • 5) Treadmill Sprint to Jog - 2-4x1
  • 6) Treadmill Sprint to Tennis Ball Reaction - 2-4x1
  • 7) Back Squat Warm-Up - 2x10
  • 8a) Pause Front Squat – 3x4 with 4 sec. hold
  • 8b) Med Ball Frog Jumps - 3x10 yards
  • 8c) Squat Stretch - 3x20 sec.
  • 9a) Step-Ups - 1x15, 12, 8
  • 9b) Alternating Box Jumps - 3x8 each leg
  • 9c) Quad Stretch - 3x30 sec
  • 10a) RDL Shrug - 1x15, 10, 5
  • 10b) Single-Leg Hamstring Curl - 3x15 each leg
  • 10c) Hamstring Stretch - 3x30 sec

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