Conor Harris

Conor Harris, CSCS, XPS, CES, CPT , has been fortunate to develop as a trainer through many diverse environments and methodologies. Early on in his training career, he was exposed to the revolutionary system of Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), which ignited his passion training. His eyes were opened up to an entirely new way of addressing the human body through understanding how the body falls into predictable patterns of asymmetry. This knowledge provided him a unique lens to approaching fitness and athletic development and allowed him to maximally increase performance, limit injuries, and improve recovery for his clients. He's trained three #1 overall draft picks across the major sports in the United States, trained a National Championship-winning baseball team, NBA All-Stars, Olympic-level competitors, and countless individuals who seek to gain muscle, lose fat, and increase performance. He integrates all of the following areas of expertise for a comprehensive approach to increasing performance: Posture, Movement skill acquisition, Strength training, Cardiovascular Development, Long-Term Athletic Development, Sports Psychology, Recovery.