Dr. Rainer J. Meisterjahn

Dr. Rainer J. Meisterjahn is the Founder and Owner of Courtex Performance LLC, a basketball mental training, education and evaluation business for clients ranging from the youth to the NBA level. He has helped hundreds of players elevate their mental game while assisting coaches with player development, team management and job interview preparation. Dr. Meisterjahn also offers executive coaching and player evaluation services for organizations looking to take their team culture to new heights. He earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a Specialization in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior from the University of Tennessee and is an Association for Applied Sport Psychology Certified Consultant. Dr. Meisterjahn works with clients in person as well as from a distance via phone and Skype. You can learn more about Courtex at www.courtexperform.com and reach Dr. Meisterjahn directly at [email protected] or 865.323.8570. Additionally, take a look at Courtex’s virtual spaces for players (https://edufii.com/cc/courtexlockerroom) and coaches/executives (https://edufii.com/cc/courtexleadershiplounge).