Emily Pappas

Emily Pappas, MS is the owner of Relentless Athletics, a strength training and sports nutrition company for the female athlete. Relentless makes female athletes stronger by creating a community of female athletes (in person and online) that are not just physically strong, but also mentally. Through Relentless, Emily and her team have had the opportunity to work with well over 200 athletes (40+ of which are Division 1 Athletes) in both strength training and sports nutrition. The more females she has the opportunity to coach, the more she realizes how large of a need there is to educate female athletes (as well as their coaches and parents) on the science behind strength training and nutrition. Too many myths are still being perpetuated that are impeding the ability of female athletes to perform both on and off of the field. Emilly truly wants to change this through her company Relentless Athletics! Emily also has the opportunity to impart change as an adjunct lecturer at Temple University.  At Temple, Emily teaches a course integrating the physiological and historical implications surrounding Strength Training for the Female Athlete.