Malcolm Goodridge

Malcolm Goodridge is a strength coach at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Waltham, Massachusetts. He has developed deep knowledge of health and performance from some of the world's top professionals, institutions, and performance facilities. Throughout his coaching career, he has trained a diverse group of athletes, from professional baseball, Big Ten basketball and ACC football to youth soccer and junior hockey. Goodridge graduated from the mentorship program at the acclaimed Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning facility. Prior to that, he worked with the St. John College men's and women's basketball teams and interned with Athletes' Performance (now EXOS). He founded Goodridge Strength and Conditioning, a company committed to helping athletes achieves their maximum physical and mental potential. As a performance coach, Goodridge has extensive knowledge of sport-specific individualization and a cutting edge speed and power force development system used by over 50 professional athletes to make them more explosive, powerful, and stronger. He currently works for Mike Reinold, a leader in physical therapy. Their company, Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, has teamed up with the Farm Baseball Academy in Waltham to develop a unique and dynamic baseball development program.