Tammy Kovaluk

Tammy Kovaluk is a strength and conditioning coach based in Bend, OR with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of both team and individual sports. Tammy is also the owner of Rise Challenge Events, which puts on themed obstacle course races supporting veteran-based nonprofit, along with obstacle race and tactical based training. She has a very diversified athletic background that has helped her learn, develop, and implement varied training programs. From being an amateur boxer, Hawaii Ironman competitor, elite Spartan racer, overall winner of the “Suck” race, and 3rd overall in the “Ultimate SUCK” (a grueling comprehensive 36 hour event combining military based training and tasks with western farm chores, strongman and more),  she has the knowledge, education, and experience to bring life experiences to her training and races. She makes you not only believe in yourself but gain real functional fitness. Tammy is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS through the NSCA), speed and agility specialist, and corrective exercise specialist. She holds a MS in Kinesiology & Sports Conditioning (AT Still University in Mesa, AZ). Tammy has helped numerous athletes attain scholarships, successfully complete Special Forces Selection, get their first win, or simply get to their best and achieve goals once thought impossible.