Avoid Common Foot Ailments

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According to UCLA assistant strength coach Ray Weisenbarger, "Power starts at your feet."

Protect the foundation of your power from common ailments like athlete's foot and blisters. These conditions may seem minor, but they can drastically affect performance.

Athlete's Foot

Fungal infection transmitted by contact in wet environments, like showers and locker rooms; can cause severe burning, pain and bleeding between the toes and stop a player in his tracks.


  • Wear waterproof sandals in the locker room and shower
  • Don't share towels or footwear with your teammates
  • Dry feet thoroughly with a clean towel after posttraining showers and apply a drying powder such as Gold Bond


  • Apply antifungal lotion or powder (e.g., Tinactin, Lotrimin, Lamisil or Desenex) as directed
  • Keep infected area clean and dry
  • Change socks and shoes often


  • Fluid-filled swelling of skin caused by excess friction, heat or moisture; resulting pain can limit performance.


  • Wear properfitting shoes. Feet should feel secure, but shouldn't hang over sole
  • Break in shoes by walking around before intense training sessions or competitions
  • Apply BODYGLIDE, Second Skin or Band-Aids on friction points
  • Wear sweat-wicking socks that extend above points of friction


  • Pop with sterile instrument to drain fluid without removing skin
  • Cover blister with prevention products mentioned above

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