Avoiding Lower Body Injuries on the Links

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Golfers' swing speeds reach up to 125 mph, requiring intense velocity, a consistent ball strike and the body working in unison—swing after swing. But this aggressive path toward contact can put your lower body at risk for overuse injuries.

According to PGA Tour biomechanics coach Joey Diovisalvi, who works with pros Pat Perez and Charlie Wi, among others, performing golf-specific lower-body exercises can prevent such injuries. "You have to create stability in the lower body and address the muscles that create it," Diovisalvi says. "I have my guys execute exercises that mimic a golf swing—rotating from a stable position."

Here, Diovisalvi explains the Heisman exercise, which his clients perform once a week throughout the year. He recommends doing it as many times as you comfortably can, while maintaining perfect form.


• Stand behind a 16- to 24-inch box holding light med ball with arms fully extended at chest level
• Without pushing off left leg, step onto box with right foot
• Drive through box with right leg and raise left knee to hip level; simultaneously rotate upper body left and bring left knee right and across body; hold
• Rotate back to center, then step off box back to start; repeat for specified reps
• Perform on opposite leg

Coaching points: Keep your head up and back straight // Keep your knee bent 90 degrees and foot dorsi flexed when you're on top of box // Go through full range of motion

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock