6 New Ways You Can Challenge Your Body and Get Stronger With AXIUS Core

Get stronger, improve your balance and build core stability with AXIUS Core.

AXIUS Core is one of the most unique and versatile pieces of training equipment that we've seen hit the market in recent years.

At first, it seems like AXIUS Core is a fancy ab roller. A ball is built into a platform that does indeed allow you to perform Ab Rollouts—which by the way is one of the best core exercises out there. However, there's far more functionality built into the product.

In short, AXIUS Core is a combination of an ab roller that you can move in 360 degrees of motion, a balance board and push-up handles. This allows you to perform many of the same exercises you do in your workouts, such as Push-Ups or Bodyweight Squats but with a new and unique challenge.

However, the functionality of AXIUS Core allows for many unique exercise variations that aren't possible with other types of equipment. In addition to core training, there are other mobility drills, chest exercises, balance drills and even tricep exercises that are possible, and make it a worthy addition to your training toolbox.

Hamstring Rollouts

Upper-Body Mobility

Ab Rollouts



Resisted Squats

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