Class Reunion Turns Crazy in 'Back in the Day'

A 20th class reunion turns wild in the upcoming comedy, 'Back in the Day,' starring Michael Rosenbaum.

'Back in the Day'

In the comedy Back in the Day, a high school reunion gets out of hand as the class of 1994 tries to relive its youth in some inappropriate ways. Jim Owens, played by Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), stirs up trouble when he makes a surprise appearance at his 20-year high school reunion and convinces his married friends to embark on one last hurrah. Between cruising their old strip, settling a score with the high school principal, rekindling a past romance and almost breaking up a wedding, this turns out to be one wild trip down memory lane.

There's plenty of raunchy humor to go around in this irreverent flick, but it is also a celebration of friendship. Owens' shenanigans nearly cost him some of his oldest friends when the fun gets out of control.

Other cast members include Homeland's Morena Baccarin, Nick Swardson (Grownups 2), Harland Williams (Robot and Monster), Jay R. Ferguson (Mad Men) and singer/songwriter Richard Marx.

In addition to starring in the lead role, Rosenbaum wrote, directed and produced the film. Suzanne Blech, the president of Screen Media Films, which has acquired the worldwide rights to the project, was recently quoted by Indiewire saying, "We have followed Michael Rosenbaum's career with great interest over the years and we are thrilled to be working with him on his directorial debut." She went on to describe the movie as "the perfect mix of funny, crazy and endearing all rolled into one."

Back in the Day will be available for On Demand (VOD) viewing Jan. 7, 2014, before hitting theaters in limited release Feb. 7, 2014.

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